Sunday, December 12, 2004

Welcome to ' da ' Jazz

Welcome to " da " Jazz

Down memory lane:

At a very early age I remember the music of Benny Goodman, and Arte Shaw when my parent's played music. Then, and when I grew a little more, I was finally able ( I was at the age it was safe for her to show her valuable stuff ) to see my mother's ( Janella ) autographed 78 LPs Colleftion by Tommy Dorsey [ Of course these are now collectors items, and my mother has them insured too ], and marvel at the excellent sound such these old recordings had. She took real care of her special collection.

She, like many others, lindy too !

So with first dance partner Alice Addams, she taught us more about the movements of the 30 to the, then 50s; the year was 1959. Then we called it Dan " Z " ing to " da ' Jazz.

So welcome to ' da ' Jazz

Yours, as an introduction,

Roger M. Christian